Our thanks to Christian and Paul 2

Who is Christian and who is Paul ?
Christian Fletcher for allowing us to use some of his simply stunning images in our show room . To say it brightens up the showroom is an understatement. And thanks to Christian for all the help in getting this blog up and running. It wouldnt have happened without you Christian.
Check out his website
or his blog
Paul from Fitzgerald Photo Imaging for printing and mounting the prints. The prints are mounted on aluminium and have a high gloss laminate, that gives a Cibachrome type look that makes you just want to dive into the image. Thanks to Paul and the team at FPI.
Check out the website
If you get a chance call into the showroom and see for yourself.


  1. Looks like I could be first to comment.

    This blog is a great idea and I look forward to checking out what is new and any tips you have.
    The shades info has been handy. I have shades but I’m using a color Munki so not sure about getting the values with that device , I’ll run it when I get a chance and see what it will do.

    Thanks for the portrait day on Wed, it was great

    Cheers fellas….. and keep it up.

    Merv French

  2. awe shucks Ben, I didn’t do nuth’n just a bit of prod’n and poke’n. On the blog side of things too mate not in a personally physical way!! yuk!!!

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