Shades with iMacs Part 2 2

We have so many emails and calls re Shades. We feel we must make some points.
This software now makes it possible to print from a Apple iMac, but it is not perfect. Perfect is have a EIZO CG monitor attached to your iMac.
It all about luminance values the lowest you get on a Apple iMac is 160 and what we really need is 90/100 and you achieve this with shades,
There is a procedure to follow to achieve good results.
1) go through and do make a monitor profile as you would normally.
2)After you have saved that profile turn on Shades.
3) Now you will need a calibrator that can give you a luminance Spyder 2 Pro (or better) or Gretag Eye One Display 2 there may be others units but these are the devices we have tested.
4) go through the profile process until you get to the luminance value section then use Shades to get your brightness value down to 90. Once you have achieved that value dont go any further with the monitor software. Dont Make A New Profile .
We just wanted to use the software to get an accurate luminance value.


  1. Hey guys
    Thanks for the posting about Shades… I do run a 24″ Imac and when I have calibrated/profiled it using Colormunki it has been annoying that I can’t get luminence down to recommended level.

    I’ll try it right now…. has anyone else noticed that the Imac seems to reset it’s brightness to high even though I lower it? I can’t find a setting in system preferences to stop this.

  2. I just tested the Colormunki ( Ver 1.1.1 ) and it will give you a brightness value. So yes we can use it exactly the same way as the other calibrators

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