Elinchrom Deals

It isn’t quite Christmas yet but that hasn’t stopped us from offering some special deals on Elinchrom Studio Lighting until the end of December.

Deal 1: Elinchrom D-lite 4 Kit — compact fan cooled with stands, softboxes and carry case, ideal for the new entrant into studio flash = $1075 inc.

Deal 2: Elinchrom BX Flash — Compact fan cooled with added remote control support via built-in Skyports, probably our most popular flash = $1790 inc.

Deal 3: Elinchrom RX series Kit — Enables you to control flashes remotely from camera or computer when harnessed to the Skyport system. Kit includes softbox, brollies, stands and hard case. The high-spec. system for the serious photographer = $2695 inc.

As the home of Elinchrom Studio Flash in WA for over 20 years, we understand the needs of both the working professional and the photographic enthusiast. Let us help you tailor your studio to tackle the most exacting assignments. Call Ben, Trevor or Pat on 9328 3377.

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