Undo a Disaster with Time Machine

“My Mac has died!” Samantha exclaimed. “But, I need my email!”, she went on with a sigh. “And, what about my photos? What about my iTunes library! Can I get it all back?” she pleaded. Samantha’s outburst was typical of the disaster’s that people face, at the most unexpected times. Fortunately Samantha had a Time Machine backup.
Now, once her mac is fixed, it is a simple process to get everything back as it was. At Team Digital most Apple Mac repairs take only three days or less so a glitch need not be a disaster.
You may ask, “How difficult is it to get up and going again from a Time Machine backup?”
Well a new or fixed Mac can be back and going with one key press and a few mouse clicks.

Step by Step:
One a brand new or repaired Mac restoring from Time Machine is easy –
1) startup with your Mac OS X install CD (by holding down the ‘C’ key)
2) click ‘English’ as the language
3) choose ‘Restore from Time Machine Backup’ from the Utilities menu
4) choose the Time Machine drive
5) select the Time Machine backup you’d like to restore
6) wait for the restore to complete and restart.
Time Machine comes free with your Mac OS X (10.5 or above) and can be used with an external hard drive or Apple Time Capsule.

With backup and disaster recovery now so simple, every Mac should be protected by Time Machine.

There’s a great summary of Time Machine on the Apple website, so if you want to learn more, click here:

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