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Nikon D3 Body $ 3590.00 Sold
Good Condition complete with box
Nikon 17/35 F2.8 $ 1450.00 Sold
Good Condition complete with box
Nikon 135mm F2.0 Defocus $ 1250.00 Sold
Excellent Condition
Nikon D200 Body $ 1200.00 Sold
Includes Grip good condition
Nikon 12/24 F4.0 $ 990.00 Sold
Good Condition
Canon 1DMkIII body $ 3250.00 Sold
Condition complete with box
Canon 70/200 f2.8 IS $ 1590.00 Sold
Good Condition
Canon 300mm F2.8 IS $ 4500.00 Sold
Complete in excellent condition just over 18 months old
Hasselblad Xpan kit $ 1200.00 Sold
Complete with 45mm f4.0

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