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We are just in throw of finalizing some details , but we can tell you that we have organized to have Les Walkling here as part as of Team Digital FotoFreo 2010 program. For those of you have don’t know Les he would have to be one Australia’s leading authorities on all things Photoshop and Fine Art Printing ( Inkjet ). If you would like further information or to book for the workshop contact Ben 93283377 or Email ben@teamdigital.com.au

The Digital Fine Print Workshop
31st March 9.30am to 4.45pm

This hands-on workshop concentrates on printing digital files to the
highest level of perfection. The aim is to promote and facilitate the production of
prints of exquisite quality. Specialized printing processes, materials and tech-
niques combine to significantly expand the range of the fine print and its crea-
tive tradition. Topics covered include:

Creating a Digital Print
• Re-defining spatial and luminosity relationships in the print
• Optimizing printer driver settings
• Linearizing and profiling printers, inksets and media
• Softproofing and hardproofing digital images
• Output sharpening strategies and techniques

Digital and Analogue Printing Processes
• Epson wide gamut pigment inkjet printing
• Evaluating quality: Photographic versus inkjet prints
• Continuous tone versus 8 bit and 16 bit workflows
• File size (ppi) and printer resolution (dpi) testing
• Printing with drivers and RIPS

Ink and Paper Combinations
• Fine art, rag, baryta and resin-coated papers
• Aesthetic considerations: Depth, dimensionality and presence
• Evaluating inksets: Density, gamut and ink inconstancy
• Metamerism failure: Lighting and viewing digital prints
• Archival testing: Media, inksets and print coatings

Advanced Printing Techniques
• The Digital B&W Fine Print
• Split toning and multi-layered toning techniques
• Digital intensification and reduction
• Refining and expanding print luminosity
• Putting it all together: Developing a fine art printing workflow

The workshop is conducted as a series of practical studio demonstrations and
discussions. Participants will be printing their own images on the day, utilizing
the latest state-of-the-art printers, media and inksets. All processes and materials
are critically analyzed and illustrated with real world case-studies and finished prints.
Histories and theories of visual art are also incorporated to expand your creative
practice. Detailed course notes are provided.

Cost is $ 286.00 inc GST limited places so get in early

Les Walkling

Now Fully Booked


  1. Will the workshop be for all printers or just Epsom?

    I have a Canon 6100.


    True North Mark

    1. Mark it will have a focus on the Epson printers, but there will be a lot of information that will apply to all printers. Hope you can make it

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