Fuji X-100 Accessories

The New Fuji X-100 has a number of great accessories listed below. Including a traditional leather case which adds to the retro feel even more.

Leather case LC-X100

$ 99.00

Lens hood LH-X100

$ 119.00

the LH-X100 comes complete with AR x-100 adapter

Adapter ring AR-X100

Our understanding is that this adapter converts to standard 49mm thread

$ 52.00

Shoe Mount Flash EF-42

We dont any specs on this yet but we expect it will be a

guide no of 42 as the name suggests.

$ 399.00

Shoe Mount Flash EF-20

Again not alot of spec perhaps guide no 20 compact flash

$ 199.00

There is also spare batteries NP-95 $69.00

If we arent mistaken the X-100 looks like it takes a screw in cable release we’ll have to confirm that

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