Its arrived at last Fuji X-100 5

Finally our demonstration Fuji X-100 has arrived. We’ve seen the beast in the flesh and it looks great.

So if you interested in having a peek at the New Fuji X-100, Team Digital is the place to go.

Dont forget to register for the Launch Night on the 6th of April

To register click here

We are hoping to have some print from the X-100 done by mid week


  1. When can I come peak?

  2. The Fuji X-100 will at the showroom until Wednesday afternoon . Then Trevor is taking it to Albany for an event. It will be back on Monday morning if you want to check it out. .

    Team Digital
  3. Dropped in and to my surprise they had it in stock.
    Had a play and was impressed. Decent iso and good depth of field.
    I could go on about it’s features but it’s the styling that won me over.
    This looks and feels like a retro camera all be it much lighter.
    I’m definately adding this to my “I want it NOW” list

    Embedded Photography
  4. In stock – as in available for purchase?

    1. Adam I wish i could tell that they were available. But we are still waiting if you want one I would suggest you put one on order. Hopefully Ill be able to make the launch.

      Team Digital

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