Phase One Super Specials 2

Due to the amazing success of the new Phase One IQ backs. We now have a number of pre-owned Phase One P series back available at some unbelievable prices. These backs come complete with a full 12 month warranty.

Back only

P40+ (40 Megapixel Sensor Plus ) $ 16500.00 inc gst

# $ 135.50 per week

P45+ (39 Megapixel ) $ 18150.00 inc gst

# $ 148.85 per week

P65+ (60.5 Megapixel Sensor Plus ) $ 28600.00 inc gst

# $ 227.00 per week

Back and Body kit Phase One 645AF body with 80mm F2.8

P40+ (40 Megapixel Sensor Plus ) $ 18370.00 inc gst

# $ 156.70 per week

P45+ (39 Megapixel ) $ 19995.00 inc gst

# $163.85 per week

P65+ (60.5 Megapixel Sensor Plus ) $ 29995.00 inc gst

# $ 237.00 per week

# Weekly payment are based on a Commercial HP over 36 months with no residual. Subject to change without notice.

To find out more about these Digital Backs click here to go to Phase One


Contact Trevor for more details on 08 93283377 or fill out the form below for a information pack.

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  1. I cant believe these prices, Ive been looking at other options for some time now. at these prices Im back on the Phase. Give you guys a ring today

  2. Is it possible to get a full run down as to the differences between the IQ and the P Series

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