Fuji X-100 Update 4

Weve seen the proposed fixes in the new Firmware. Stay tuned

There is still some stock available from Team Digital

1/3EV adjustments now available in all shooting modes

Red-eye removal can be disabled when shooting RAW

‘FN’ button assignment menu can be activated with a long press of the FN button

Camera can be woken from sleep with regular half-press of shutter button (not long press)

Size of the AF area is maintained after switching from OVF/EVF/LCD

Holding down menu/ok button for 3secs locks 4-way controller (stops drive/flash/macro/WB from being accidentally set)

When ‘eye sensor’ mode is enabled, an ‘Eye Sensor’ reminder appears on the LCD display

Macro/ISO/DR/Self-timer/Flash settings are maintained when exposure mode, review mode or power state are changed/cycled

When Auto ISO control is set to ‘on’, actual ISO sensitivity is displayed on half-press of shutter button

When switching between shooting/playback mode, the last viewed photograph is remembered unless a new photograph is taken

We will keep you informed


  1. Hey Guys
    Just thought I would let you know that the new update is out now. I have just updated the camera and all went well.

    1. Hi Dan thanks for the heads up.

  2. How much is the x-100 and do you still have stock?

    Thanks, Rich

    1. Hi Rich just emailed you let me know if you want one put aside

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