Have Epson gone mad 2

Offer only available up to the 24th of July

Epson have just announced another PMA promo, and this is a bargain plus. When you purchase one of the amazing Epson R3000 you can then redeem from Epson, a Epson P-6000 Veiwer valued at $ 899.00.

So that means when you buy a Epson R3000 through Team Digital you will pay $ 1289.00 and then get $ 899.00 worth of equipment for free. We think they have gone mad.


  1. Looks pretty good! How many photos can the P-6000 hold?

    1. Hi Simon thanks for the post , the P-6000 has a capacity of 80Gb so it depends on the file size your camera produces. Rule of thumb would be say 5Mb per JPEG which amounts to aprox 16000 images. Should be enough for a weekends shooting.

      Team Digital

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