First of our WAPPA posts " Portrait Section " 3

The WAPPA Portrait section was hotly contested category. Stef King won the category with an amazing folio, which was much talked about by the judges, congratulations Stef. Alan McDonald from “Amac and Wise” was runner-up with another great folio. Alan also took out the John Whitfield King Award congratulations Alan. Stef also collected the overall highest scoring print and guess what Alan was runner-up.

So this is how the category ended up, if you click on the name it will take you to the photographers website.

Winner : Stef King

Runner-up : Alan McDonald

Tina Urie
Lisa Ivandich
Tony Hewitt

Now let have a look at Stef’s folio




























John Whitfield King winner and runner up Alan McDonald


  1. Congrats to Stef! Very original and great portfolio.

  2. Hiya,

    Love the post! But could you change the link to my current website, that one is around 4 years old and really out of date


    1. Hi Lisa all sorted, it was great to see your work rewarded well done.

      Team Digital

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