New Epson ink pricing

Ever been tempted to purchase inks from a Grey Importer or a Non-Authorised Epson Dealer in order to save a few dollars? In these challenging times every dollar counts, but is it worth risking the integrity of your printing and perhaps even your printer for a small short term saving. Have these inks for example been manufactured to Epson’s strict standards and has the transport process ensured that inks have not been subject to mishandling or perhaps even heat exposure. The GOOD NEWS is that from the 1st January, Team Digital is taking the price fight to the Grey market with a NEW PRICING STRUCTURE on all Epson inks from 25.9ml to 700ml. This means that our customers can now relax knowing that it costs no more to buy from a secure €œEpson Authorised Dealer €

New Epson ink pricing structures
7900/9900 700ml cartridges $359.00 inc gst
7600/9600/7800/9800/7880/9880 220ml cartridges $169.00 inc gst
4900 200ml cartridges $159.50 inc gst
3800/3880 80ml cartridges $92.00 inc gst
R3000 25.9ml cartridges $40.50 inc gst




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