Phase One Certified Professional Training Program


This program is designed to teach assistants and digital specialists the skills they need to get the most out of Phase One equipment and software. It will also create an online database that photographers can use to locate certified digital specialists with advanced Capture One and troubleshooting knowledge.

When: March 6th & 7th

Where: Phase Studio, L&P, 96 Reserve Road, Artarmon NSW

Cost: $575 (inc GST) includes the Capture=U subscription, a Capture One Pro license, and all course materials.

Who should attend ?

The program is for working digital techs and assistants who are already well versed in digital workflow. Photographers with high production workflow and strong digital knowledge can benefit as well.

What is covered in the training?

• Technology behind phase one backs and cameras.
• Recommended set-ups and usage.
• Troubleshooting computers, backs and cameras.
• On-set workflow.
• Advanced Capture One workflow.
• Advanced operation of Phase One backs, including LCC and Live preview.

For more information contact Trevor 93283377


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