After the Nikon Night

Last night we got a real insight into the power of the D4 and D800. Our thanks to Julie Kimpton from Nikon Australia and a special thanks to David Dare Parker.

Firstly while we weren’t able to do as much as well would have liked with the D800 as it was pre-production model. We had a still life setup and what we saw on the big screen was nothing short of amazing. The clarity and detail in the still life shots were brilliant. The D800 looks like a very complete package ,we simply cant wait to get our hands on o a real one to put it through its paces.

Then there is the D4, this has so many bells and whistles it’s not funny. In our out low light shooting scenario produced some great results from a number of point of view. Firstly, high ISO performance and low light focusing are all improved from the D3s. David also was able to get the video to perform as well under the same conditions shooting some very usable video at very high ISO. The next thing that stood out on the D4 was the Focus tracking capabilities either from face recognition and target focusing. Last but not least was its wireless shooting capabilities, as soon as the WT arrives we will be able to show you this amazing feature.

Our thanks to the 50 plus people who attended the night, we hope you got a insight into the power of these two new Nikon cameras. And don’t forget if you want to have a look at the D4 we now currently have our demo. And thanks to Julie and David for putting on a great presentation.

What we did learn last night is that these cameras are going to be very popular and they will be in short supply for sometime , so we suggest if you want one and haven’t ordered it as yet , best you give us a call.

Just one other point a few people asked about how do you know if its covered by an Nikon Australia warranty here’s the link to see how.


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