More on the Intuos 5 2

We’ve had some more information come through on the Intuos 5 :

It will be available in 4 models
• Small Pen Touch
• Medium Pen
• Medium Pen Touch
• Large Pen Touch

Stock will be arriving at Team Digital late next week. Prices start at $255.00 inc gst.

Here’s a link to a little fun review on the Intuos 5 by Alexia Sinclair




  1. There are those who prefer the Intuos3’s drawing surface over that of Intuos4… so I’m very curious on how the Intuos5 drawing surface compares to that of the Intuos3.

    1. Hi Joel, when you get time, drop in and let us know what you think. Stock will be arriving late next week.
      One of the reasons for the change of surface between the 3 & 4 models was overall resilience and resistance to scratching.

      Team Digital

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