Wacom Intuos5 WOW

We took delivery of the new Wacom Intuos5 almost a month ago, and it look like Wacom have produced another winner

We managed to keep one small for demonstration purposes. And got to have a play on it over the past few weekend. The pen touch feature is great which is a first for the Intuos range. Lets talk about the touch function first. First thing we noticed is how responsive it is. Then when dig deeper into the touch function in the menu wow. We have all our standard gestures available to us on our Apple OS, and now we have programmable gestures that right programmable and better still they can specific gesture for each application. Heres an example

This is the Wacom Intuos Preference box

We have programmed a series of gestures for our standard applications

Three finger tap and hold get us to the Radial Menu
A really powerful tool

Four finger swipe up opens Adobe Bridge

Four finger swipe down opens Adobe Photoshop

Five finger swipe down show us the desktop

Five finger tap and hold open Safari

Pretty clever , but wait theirs more !


We can make up Application Specific gestures

Heres our Adode Photoshop gestures

Three finger tap and hold get us to the Radial Menu

Four finger swipe up is undo ( control Z )

Four finger swipe down is redo ( control Z )

Five finger swipe down is save ( control S )

Five finger tap and hold is hide and show all panels

While the gesture function is great we would think that any power user would still use the pen. The Touch is really good for

All the Express Keys can customised as before.

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