Power WACOM tips Unleashed

tips and tricksFrom last night’s seminar :

Brent says ~ “If you think of the switches on your stylus as just being left or right keys, you will turn it into little more than a mouse of a different shape. It’s far better to work out the most common tools you use, or tasks you do, in a particular application, and then adjust the preferences to achieve that efficiently.”

Photoshop CS5
– front switch to Alt/Opt. This means that whenever I have the Clone or Healing brushes selected I can front switch & tap (the same as Alt-click on a mouse) to set my sample point. When I have a brush I can front switch & tap to sample the colour.
– back switch to X. To toggle between foreground & background colours easily when painting on a Mask

Lightroom 4
- front switch to D. This means I can choose an image in the Library and then directly open it in the Develop module
– back switch to K. To activates the Adjustment Brush (M for the Graduated Filter might be preferred by some people) for local adjustments

Premiere Pro CS5.5
– front switch to V. This gives me the Selection tool
– back switch to C. This accesses the Razor tool for slicing up footage or tracks
Yes, you can turn your touch-ring into a jog/shuttle wheel 😀



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