Golden Shopping Trolley Awards: Top 40 finalists 4


Thank you for embracing the Urban landscape concept.

We are pleased to announce the Top 40 finalists for the Golden Shopping Trolley Awards.

Drum roll please!

  • Alan McDonald
  • Beth Baker
  • Brendan Cox
  • Cindy Buchan
  • Ian Robertson
  • Jack Allen
  • James Mallard
  • Johannes Reinhart
  • Karl Monaghan
  • Leon Bird
  • Leonard Jannese
  • Luke Austin
  • Mark de Cruz
  • Matt Saul
  • Nicole Fenwick
  • Penny Spicer
  • Peta North
  • Peter Barnes
  • Peter Kalina
  • Ross Swanborough
  • Sheldon Pettit
  • Shirley Milburn
  • Stuart Westmore
  • Toni Segers

Congratulations to our finalists!

Don’t forget to attend the Gala Evening at The Epson Print Gallery this Friday 15th November.

Please feel free to stop by early if you wish – we’ll be open from 5:30pm if you wish to view the images before the judging kicks off at about 6:00pm

Parking is available at the rear of the building.



  1. Hi, For people who live interstate and unable to attend the event, will there be an opportunity to see the 40 final shots on line?

    Robin Riddle
  2. Yo Jen……….only 24 names..looks like there are 16 missing…

    1. Yo Roger 🙂 several of our 24 finalists had more than one image that made it into the Top 40 images.

  3. What a wonderful evening, thank you to Team Digital, Christian, Tony and all the entrants and the finalists were amazing.

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