i-Visor much more than just a laptop case

The i-Visor Laptop case is much more that just a laptop case. If you shoot tethered on location, then this is for you.

The new i-Visor LS Pro MAG represents the most dramatic evolution of Seaport’s patented cases with a TriFold shade. The i-Visor LS Pro MAG allows professionals in many different fields to view their laptop screens with crystal clarity in any viewing environment. Key new features include:

  • ivisorblog› A built-in magnesium alloy skeleton
  • › No additional platforms required as the MAG Skeleton mounts directly to a tripod   3/8″-16
  • › Side access ports for better connectivity
  • › Passive flow through cooling system
  • › Built in laptop safety strap
  • › More rugged zips all around
  • › Larger front pockets for better storage

The i-Visor LS Pro MAG is stronger and lighter than previous Pro models. Designed specifically with digital imaging in mind, this rugged case is the solution to a variety of problems. The i-Visor LS Pro MAG is ideal for shooting tethered!


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