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We have had a lot of inquiries about the Pentax 645Z camera. Most of them asking about the range lenses available.

Here is a Pentax 645 Lens matrix that answers all those questions.

Pentax 645 Lens 35mm Equivalent
25mm f4 20.3mm
33-55mm f5.6 26.8-44.7mm
35mm f3.5 28.4mm
45mm f2.8 36.5mm
45-85mm f4.5 36.5-69mm
55mm f2.8 44.7mm
55-110mm f5.6 44.7-89.4mm
75mm f2.8 60.9mm
80-160mm f4.5 65-130mm
90mm f2.8 73.1mm
120mm f4 Macro 97.5mm
150mm 2.8 121.9mm
150-300mm f5.6 121.9-243.7mm
200mm f4 162.5mm
300mm f5.6 243.7mm
300mm f4 243.7mm
400mm 5.6 325mm

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