Wacom Pens – which one?

We get a number of question regarding which pen and nib combination is best. Here’s a quick run down on your options.


Firstly the pens – apart from our Airbrush option that is used for specific tasks, it’s basically what feels the best for you. They all basically have the same tech spec.


Grip1Grip Pen (included with all Intuos Pro models)Stand!

The Grip Pen captures even the subtlest nuances of pressure. It combines 2048 levels of pressure-sensitivity and response begins at only a single gram of pen pressure.

The Grip Pen is equipped with a contoured, rubber grip that allows you to reduce gripping power by up to 40%, helping alleviate stress and wrist fatigue. This cordless, battery-free pen puts two customisable side switches right at your fingertips and features a pressure-sensitive eraser.


PropenPro Pen

Similar to the Grip Pen but with a slightly thinner profile. Contoured, rubber grip that allows you to reduce gripping power by up to 40%. This cordless, battery-free pen puts two customisable side switches right at your fingertips and features a pressure-sensitive eraser. It also comes with colour identification rings.



Classic1Classic Pen

The Classic Pen has the same feature set as the Grip Pen, but with a slimmer profile that does not include a rubber grip.  Its optimum weight and balance fits perfectly in your hand. Like the Wacom Grip Pen, this cordless, battery-free pen puts two customisable side switches right at your fingertips and features a pressure-sensitive eraser.



artpen1Art Pen

Most designers know the feel of a classical felt marker. With the Art Pen, designers can enter a time capsule and get that good old marker feeling, but with all the advantages of the digital realm. Like its traditional counterpart, this pen has a broad, chisel-shaped pen tip (your choice of plastic or felt).

In addition to pressure- and tilt-sensitivity, the Art Pen is also sensitive to rotation. Rotating the barrel in supporting software applications, such as Corel® Painter or Adobe® Photoshop, creates a unique effect.


Airbrush1Airbrush Pen

A true digital airbrush, the pressure-sensitive Airbrush Pen incorporates a pressure-sensitive tip and eraser, tilt sensitivity, and a finger wheel to control the application of digital paint. The unbelievably realistic simulation of ink application, spray distance, and tilt emulates authentic airbrush performance on the screen. The easy-to-handle finger wheel allows 1024 levels of fine graduations and when released, it stays in its last-known position, ensuring that the application of digital ink is kept constant in contrast to traditional air brushes.


inkpen1Ink Pen
As the name suggests, it holds real ink, the Ink Pen can be used on a piece of paper placed over your tablet and it digitally records the drawing on the tablet in your software. The Ink Pen is smaller in diameter than the Grip Pen and does not have an eraser, a DuoSwitch, or a cushioned grip.



Now onto Nibs. Most of the pens supplied with your Wacom Intuos tablet come with a selection of nibs which can completely change the feel of the pen.Unlike the pen the nib selection can completely change the feel.

Here’s a bit of an insight:




Starting from the left:


This grey felt nib gives you the feel of pen on paper with resistance and some grip. Perfect for sketching with, but has one big down fall – it does wear quite quickly. So if you are after a nib that gives you this type of response then you should buy an extra pack of nibs – from Team Digital, of course.



This black plastic nib is perfect for applications such as Photoshop. A bit of an all-rounder and it wears the best out of the range of Wacom nibs.



A white nib with a spring – a very unusual looking nib. The spring helps you create a paint effect, which is perfect for programs like Corel® Painter and Corel® Draw. Not designed for detailed sketching, it’s more for painting effects.



Black plastic with a white elastic dot, this nib is designed to produce a smooth blurred line. Again, not designed for detailed sketching.


Nibs wear with use just like traditional media – pencil, charcoal, and pastel or any tool. Maintain pen performance and protect your Cintiq by replacing the pen nib before it is worn to a sharp point or gets too short:


There is one other Wacom interface devices that is used for special application.


intuos4-Lens1Lens Cursor
Used specifically for CAD/CAE, 2D, and 3D graphics applications. Along with a positioning accuracy of ± 0.15mm, the rotating lens offers a 5,080 lpi resolution. With tool ID, the cursor can be recognized by the tablet as a separate tool.
Providing a perfect line of sight for both left- and right-handed users, the Lens Cursor for Intuos4 Tablet comes with 5 buttons. As the distance between the cross-hair lens and the buttons is wider than conventional cross-hair lenses, the lens cursor allows for a perfect line-of-sight of the whole area under the cross hair. It is battery-free and cordless.

Please not that the Lens Cursor will only work with the Intuos 3, Intuos4, Intuos5 and Intuos Pro in the Large size only.


Well there you have it everything you ever wanted to know about Wacom Pens and Nibs. And remember if you need any Wacom accessories Team Digital is place to get them.



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