Eizo Yosemite issue

EIZO.LogoWe have confirmed that the software works correctly but the OS ( Yosemite ) was not correctly applying the gamma value (128 and 129 become the same tone) designated by ColorNavigator. EIZO is requesting Apple to address this.

There is a unique feature within ColorNavigator that alerts the user that there is a problem or a change in your computer’s video card gamma. Yosemite is outputting the same tone for levels 128 & 129. CN is picking this up, thus continuously alerting ColorEdge users that there is a potential problem. Please either keep in mind that those two tones will appear the same and disable the alert message (right click on CN icon and select ignore), or even better, roll back to Mavericks. Please understand that this is not an Eizo related issue nor a conflict with CN. This is a Yosemite OS issue which effects any display device. We hope Apple will remedy this in time for the next minor update release.

At this time we recommend ColorEdge users wait for further developments before upgrading their OS. And with the problem, ColorNavigator Agent keeps alerting to change the gamma value of the video card. If you wish to disregard the problem and cancel the alert, select “Ignore” when the setup window appears.