Christian Fletcher Sigma Quattro Review 1

Christian Fletcher Sigma Quattro Review

Have you heard about the Sigma Quattros? Here’s a review from Christian Fletcher on this amazing camera system. In this review, Christian goes through why he loves this camera and addresses some of the misconceptions about the Sigmas. Christian has images from the Quattros proudly hanging in his galleries. Check out some of Christian’s great images at and check out his training and worldwide tours at

If you haven’t seen the output from these cameras, be prepared to be shocked. Team Digital has some 44″ prints taken with these cameras on display in the Epson Print Gallery. Be warned, you will be blown away by the quality from the Quattro camera system.
Our thanks to Michael Fletcher for the production and editing of this video. Check out some of Michael’s awesome videos at

Sigma DP0 Quattro

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  1. Great review! I’ll call into your store early next month to have a look at this camera.

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