Photographer Sigma Quattro dp1 review

On the weekend I was sent a link to a review that Jason Round has put together on the Sigma Quattro dp1. It’s a great read if you are looking at getting an opinion on the this camera from someone who has actually used and loves it. Jason has some great images and good insights into the Sigma Quattro’s. Thanks Jason for spending the time to put this together.



Heres a small excerpt from Jason’s review

To wrap up, this is a perfect example of why you can’t always buy into what you read online, especially from keyboard warriors stuck taking pictures of their cats and coffee mugs. Take the advice of those out there using this stuff on a regular basis and be surprised. I know I was. I’m excited about photography again, excited about getting out there and then getting home to check out the tones and detail offered by the DP1.

Click to read the full review


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