Canon Flash Day









Join the team from The Canon Collective for an evening of Portrait Photography.

Thursday 12 November, 2015 6.00 to 8.30pm

Jay Collier & Steve Huddy from the Canon Collective, will teach you how to master portrait flash photography using Canon flashes. In this seminar you will learn how to control your flashes to give you the best results using single and multiple flashes. Learn the tips and tricks from the professionals.  You’ll also learn how to use a variety of soft boxes and reflectors to sculpt the light to suit your model.

Learning outcomes:
• Balancing ambient light with flash
• On camera flash vs off camera flash
• Using flash with and without softboxes
• Basics of flash photography techniques and set up
• Understanding flash sync and high speed Sync to control background exposure vs subject exposure
• TTL flash vs Manual flash explained

It’s time to get creative with portrait lighting and The Canon Collective.

Cost is $20.00

You’ll also receive a $20 voucher for Team Digital.

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