New Flash from Nikon SB-5000

Finally Nikon enters the wireless control era with the new Speedlight SB-5000, the first radio-controlled Speedlight from Nikon. Engineered to expand the potential of every photographer’s artistic ability.

Designed with radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting functionality and a cooling system that enables more than 100 continuous full-powered flashes, this Speedlight is a compelling addition to the Nikon ecosystem.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 7.53.00 am

  • SB-5000 Key Features:
  • Radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL)*function gives photographers their choice of lighting positions and exposures
  • High output flash with guide numbers of 34.5 in FX-format and 41 in DX-format provides a wider flexibility in preferred coverage
  • New cooling system speeds up efficiency and cools the flash head, preventing overheating and significantly increasing the number of continuous flashes
  • Controls are refined, giving photographers the freedom to enjoy their shooting assignment instead of fiddling with buttons

Available at Team Digital approximately late Jan to early Feb 

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