Sigma Quattro SD @ Team Digital


We are extremely excited to let you know that the Sigma Quattro SD will be @ Team Digital very shortly. We can also confirm the price – $1495 incl GST with a brand new Sigma Art 30mm f1.4 lens (which converts to 45mm). The Sigma Quattro SD is the first of the new interchangeable lens Quattros, using the amazing 29MP APS-C Foveon X3 Quattro CMOS Sensor.

If this camera produces anywhere near the results that the DP series does, then Sigma will be onto another winner. If you haven’t seen any images from the Quattro yet, call into Team Digital and check them out for yourself. If you want to know anything about the Sigma Quattro cameras, ask for Ben. He’s our resident Quattro nut – he loves them!


The Foveon sensor is something extremely special & is unique to the Sigma Quattro range of cameras. The Foveon sensor brings a real 3D look to files which a standard CMOS doesn’t. The way it renders color is completely different as well. Greens have beautiful detail, a separation which (again) a CMOS sensor just can’t deliver.

Some new features that we are really keen to see:

SFD Super Fine Detail:
Basically it records seven frames with different exposures and when combining them using SIGMA Photo Pro, delicate pictures with a wide dynamic range and low noise can be generated.
New LCD Viewfinder:
After using the Quattro dp without a viewfinder, we’re loving the idea of having a high-resolution 2.36 mega-dots electronic viewfinder. The Focus Peaking function also adds some new focusing systems.
TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) III:
We’re told this feature will deliver far more detailed images with even more 3D pop – if that is possible.

There is a downside though, this camera is not an all-rounder – it has some real limitations at high ISO, and no video (big deal).
But from what we have seen so far, the image quality is going to be best in class. So if you are serious about producing the best possible images you can, the Sigma Quattro SD could be just what you need.

Take the Quattro challenge.

We will have a full review available soon.

Team Digital is now taking orders.

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