Weekend Session: Shooting Tethered

November 24, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Session 1: 24 November, 2018
Team Digital
268 Lord St
Perth WA 6000
(08) 9328 3377

This course runs from 10:30am to 12:00pm on Saturday 24th November.

In this 90-min seminar we’ll introduce you to all there is to know about shooting tethered…

Tethered shooting is a photography technique that allows you to connect your camera to a computer &/or tablet and view your digital images on the device seconds after it is captured. This is handy when shooting a range of different genres of photography – from Still Life to Portraits. It can give you a better insight into what you are shooting, or provide your model a more descriptive idea of what the camera sees, and therefore helps you communicate exactly what you want from them. 
Additionally, it can save you loads of time in post-shoot down-loading and processing.

Course Content:

  • Traditional tethered vs wireless tethering
  • What equipment is available?
  • Tethertools and Camranger
  • How to setup and use that equipment
  • Watched/hot folders in Bridge
  • Applying image styles through Lightroom
  • and lots more


Plus we’ll have special deals on all the hardware we go through at the seminar.

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