• CamRanger PT-Hub + MP-360 Kit

    $405.00 inc GST

    The CamRanger PT-Hub + MP-360 kit connects to your CamRanger allowing you to wirelessly control your DSLR with motorised pan and tilt functionality all from your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Mac or Windows computer. Enjoy full wireless control from up to 50m away plus all the features the CamRa…

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  • CamRanger Spare Battery

    $35.00 inc GST

    This is an extra battery for the CamRanger device. It is rated to work approximately 5-6 hours of typical use or up to 11 hours when used with the intervalometer and no device connected. 

    Please note the battery can not be charged externally and must be inside the CamRanger device to c…

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  • CamRanger: Wireless Camera Control for DSLR

    $415.00 inc GST

    CamRanger allows wireless control of your Canon or Nikon DSLR directly from your mobile or desktop device. By creating it's own ad-hoc network which removes the need for internet access or additional computers the CamRanger is an effective way to access advanced functionality on your DSLR cam…

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  • Jersktopper Laptop Safety Kit

    $37.13 inc GST

    The JerkStopper Laptop Safety Kit includes (1) JerkStopper USB Port (1) JerkStopper RJ45 Network Jack and (1) JerkStopper RJ11 Telephone Jack. This kit is Guaranteed to fit 99% of all Laptops or notebooks with either a USB, RJ45 or RJ11 port. JerkStoppers remove the stress and strain from a cable…

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