• MagMod MagBeam Kit

    $219.78 inc GST

    Get a fresnel and gobo for your compact speedlight with this MagBeam Kit for the MagMod flash modifier system. The main MagBeam accessory connects via powerful neodymium rare-earth magnets to the separately available MagGrip and then accepts a variety of different tools to control the beam of your f…

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  • MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit

    $160.38 inc GST

    lluminate elusive and distant creatures with your compact flash by picking up the MagBeam Wildlife Kit from MagMod. Featuring the essential MagGrip for setting up the MagMod flash modifier system, this kit lets you get started right away with the MagBeam and tele lens combo. The lens helps focus the…

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  • MagMod MagBounce

    Magmod MagBounce
    $111.38 inc GST

    The MagBounce is a gorgeous bounce modifier that has been stripped down to it's simplest, most functional form. Sleek but powerful, the Magbounce delivers the softest light with wide flash coverage. It increases the apparent size of your flash by 300%, and its white silicone texture diffuses li…

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  • MagMod MagGrip

    MagMod MagGrid 2
    $62.37 inc GST

    The MagGrip attaches to the flash, and all modifers magnetize to it. The MagGrip is required to mount modifiers on each flash. It fits on almost all professional hot-shoe flashes….

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  • MagMod MagMod Basic Kit

    MagMod Basic Kit V3
    $193.05 inc GST

    Insert some creativity into your on-camera flash with the MagMod2 Basic Kit including a few core accessories for the MagMod flash modifier system. It features the MagGrip which stretches over your flash head and enables the use of other MagMod modifiers, such as the included MagGrid2 and MagGel2 Slo…

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  • MagMod MagMod Starter Flash Kit

    $207.90 inc GST

    MagMod’s Starter Flash Kit has all the basics you need to make flash photography fast, easy and awesome. Used on-camera or off, this kit will help you control or diffuse the beam of your speedlight.
    *Includes MagGrip, MagSphere, and MagGrid

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  • MagMod MagSnoot

    MagMod MagSnoot
    $111.38 inc GST

    The MagSnoot is a versatile modifier that instantly collapses into 4 different stages to give you 4 unique beam patterns for precise control over your light.
    Ideal as a hair light or highlight, the MagSnoot funnels the light of your flash into a focused beam.
    Its unique, collapsible design d…

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  • MagMod MagSphere

    Magmod MagSphere
    $111.38 inc GST

    250% better than your bare flash. Ideal for use as an on-camera diffuser or a small bounce card, the MagSphere instantly transforms the harsh light of your flash into a soft, omni-directional, bare-bulb light source….

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