• MANFROTTO 054 Head Ball Pro with QR

    MANFROTTO 054 Head Ball Pro with QR
    $324.54 inc GST

    The best Manfrotto pro ball head, dedicated to 190 carbon fibre tripods. An extremely precise ball head, providing extra smooth movements thanks to state of the art materials and technology. Innovative and unique features like the unique 90°-105° portrait angle selector allow better camera …

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  • Manfrotto 200PL Quick Release Plate

    ManfrottoQuick Release PlateQ2-RC2 type connectioninc 1/4
    $31.57 inc GST

    Manfrotto Universal Accessory Plate 1/4″…

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  • Manfrotto 234RC Head Monopod

    MANFROTTO Head Monopodwith Quick Release
    $79.31 inc GST

    Simple tilt head to allow a camera on a Monopod to be turned 90° to provide either vertical or horizontal format. With quick release camera plate system and secondary safety lock.

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  • Manfrotto 323 QR Adaptor (Q2-RC2)

    MANFROTTO Adaptor Rectangular PL
    $63.03 inc GST

    Ultra flat quick release adaptor, only 18mm, with 1/4″ or 3/8″ thread. …

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  • Manfrotto 324RC2 Head Joystick & QR Plate

    MANFROTTO Head Joystick & QR Plate
    $195.91 inc GST

    The 324RC2 is built to satisfy the needs of photographers who are improving their skills. Very light, compact and easy to carry, the 324RC2’s ergonomics have been tuned for comfort during use.

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  • Manfrotto 327RC2 Head Joystick & QR Plate

    MANFROTTO Head Joystick & QR Plate
    $296.12 inc GST

    Work precisely and effortlessly whatever the scenario. With the Light Duty Grip Ball Head stored in your kit, you'll always have complete control. This smart photographic accessory makes adjusting your angles easier than ever before and features a built-to-last magnesium…

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  • Manfrotto 338 Base Levelling w bubble level

    MANFROTTO Base Levelling
    $223.85 inc GST

    The 338 is fitted between tripod and head and is used in combination with tripods that don’t have built-in levelling mechanisms. Its three adjustment dials enable the operator to make fine, finger tip adjustments up to +/- 5 degrees to ensure the camera is perfectly level. The dials also hav…

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  • Manfrotto 410 Head Junior Geared

    MANFROTTO Head Junior Geared
    $444.29 inc GST

    Extremely compact, this unique head offers precise gear movement in three directions, pan, tilt and side to side tilt. The head incorporates a quick release camera plate system and is suitable for 35mm SLR and medium format cameras. The 410 also incorporates a unique feature that allows you to in…

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  • Manfrotto 454 Plate Micro Sliding

    MANFROTTO Plate Micro Sliding
    $206.36 inc GST

    Ideal for macro photography to make precise positioning movements to achieve the perfect framed shot, for QTVR and other precise copy/ repro work, the new sliding plate has fingertip control for hairsbreadth positioning but with a simple lock-release lever for fast set-up. Two plates can be interloc…

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  • Manfrotto 492 Head Ball Micro

    MANFROTTO Head Ball Micro
    $78.10 inc GST

    The Manfrotto 492 Micro Ball Head features a strong die-cast aluminum housing plus a hard, tough ball that moves smoothly into position. It has a single control for complete 360° pans and ±90° tilts, fast even movements, and can be instantly locked off in any position. It is suitable…

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  • Manfrotto 808RC4 Head 3 Way Standard

    MANFROTTO Head 3 Way Standard
    $339.22 inc GST

    The 808RC4 features two balance springs in the vertical tilt (forward/backward) and horizontal tilt (left/right) movements. These springs enable you to more comfortably handle heavier camera loads (such as very long lenses) with minimal effort. Both springs can be turned off in case normal head oper…

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