• Manfrotto 012B Stand Backlite Alu Black

    MANFROTTO Stand Backlite 1012B
    $112.79 inc GST

    This is a Manfrotto Backlight Stand with Extension. Mount a lighting fixture close to the floor, or table with this back light stand. This stand consists of a steel base, two section aluminum extension pole and a brass double-ended spigot….

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  • Manfrotto 1004BAC Stand Lighting Master 4S Air

    MANFROTTO Stand Lighting Master
    $251.00 inc GST

    The Manfrotto Master Stand AC is a lightweight support with an impressive load capacity. A clever design feature called QSS (Quick Stack System) allows the stand to fold flat, enabling several stands to be clipped together to save space in the studio or on the road.The Master Stand has a…

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  • Manfrotto 1005BAC Stand Lighting Ranker 3S Air

    MANFROTTO Stand Lighting Ranker
    $251.00 inc GST

    The Manfrotto 1005BAC Alu Ranker Light Stand, Air Cushioned is a black anodized air cushioned aluminum stand that rises to a maximum of 2.7 m. This stand is an updated version of the old “Stacker” series.With the patented Quick Stack System (QSS) portability is enhanced. Connecting the stands tog…

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  • Manfrotto 1051BAC Stand Lighting Comp Mini

    MANFROTTO Stand Lighting Compact Mini
    $162.45 inc GST

    This is the Manfrotto 1051BAC Alu Baby Air Cushioned Light Stand. With a patented Quick Stack System (QSS), ease of transport is optimized. Connecting the stands together saves a lot of room while storing them in the studio or in a location case….

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  • Manfrotto 1052BAC Stand Lighting Compact

    MANFROTTO Stand Lighting Compact
    $177.09 inc GST

    This is a Manfrotto 1052BAC Black Alu Compact Stand. It rises to a maximum height of 2.3 m, and is air cushioned. Formerly known as a “Stacker”, this stand now has what is called the QSS – Quick Stand System. When folded, two or more of these stands may connected to each other to ease storage …

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