Godox S-R1 Round Head Magnetic Modiifer Adaptor


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Available on backorder

Attaching very quickly via a thumbscrew, the Round Head Magnetic Modifier Adapter from Godox is the base component of a magnetic system that attaches simply and quickly to square-shaped speedlights from Godox, Nikon, Canon, Sony and more. The modifier holds your speedlight securely by employing texturized rubber mats on its top and bottom. Separately available accessories such as barndoors, a dome, a honeycomb grid, a snoot, bounce card, and filters attach quickly to the front of the adapter via magnets.

 Secure Grip

The S-R1 adapter slides onto rectangular flash heads to provide a round magnetic mounting point. Gridded rubber mats on the inside surface of the adapter provide scratch-free grip, and a knurled knob on top helps tighten the adapter around flashes of different sizes.

Fast, Magnetic Mounting
Round magnetic modifier attaches to most square-shaped flashes such as Nikon, Canon, and Sony.
Available Kit
The optional AK-R1 kit features a number of modifiers and accessories, including a dome diffuser, four-way barndoors, a diffuser plate, a bounce card, honeycomb grid, colour filters, and a snoot.

Product Features:

  • Attaches simply to square shaped speedlites
  • Fits: Godox, Nikon, Canon, Sony & More
  • Fast Magnetic Attachment
  • Available in kit form with the AK-R1


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