Induro Panhead 479-203

$773.00 inc GST

Ballhead Speed. Panhead Precision. The Induro PHD3 Panhead provides single locking knob control of dual axis Panhead movements. Now photographers who prefer the one handed operation offered by most Ballheads also have precise multi-axis camera positioning. An independent lock knob controls 360-degree rotation on a panning base with graduated scale. A top mounted Quick-Release system rotates 90 degrees to match the orientation of virtually any Arca-Swiss style compatible camera, lens and accessory plate. A double safety lock on the QR clamp allows lateral adjustment of QR plates while also assuring a safer and more secure change of equipment. Ideal for architectural photography, studio and on-location shoots as well as anyplace where speed and precise solid camera position are important. Includes matching Arca-Swiss compatible Quick Release Plate (PU70).

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