KATA Backpack 3N1-25Pro Light

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The 3N1-25 PL Sling Backpack from Kata gives you a backpack that can be used in two positions. Rated to hold a pro DSLR with a medium zoom attached as well as 3-4 additional lenses, flash and accessories, it can also be conformed to hold a camcorder with accessories. In addition, it will also comfortably handle an iPad or a netbook.

The pack is made from tough waterproof RipStop nylon that will get you through the worst weather. To support that feature, you also get a rain fly that can be deployed for additional protection when the weather turns bad. So, if you're an outdoor shooter, this pack offers you a host of features that make it an appealing choice. As a traditional backpack, it sits comfortably on your shoulders supported by an “X” style strap system. If you choose to use it as a sling-style bag, just swing it to the front using only one strap and you're ready to grab your gear and shoot.

The inside is filled with padded, movable dividers that can be configured to suit your shooting needs. The bottom of the bag is for your gear while the top half is for personals. Two external pockets are for quick access items that negate having to open the entire bag to find a small accessory. The whole thing is made from Kata's Aeriform foam that is light yet strong and guards your gear from damage in case of incidental contact. There's a spine guard system that provides even more comfort while hiking or walking.

The bag accepts Kata's optional modi-vers system that will permit you to create even more dividers. These dividers are bright yellow and will allow you to see in the bag much easier. Since Kata knows you'll be spending much time outside, there is even a tripod holding system on the back. As a final touch, the pack is Insertrolley compatible which allows you to toss it over your rolling cart when navigating through parking lots or hallways.

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