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Does your speedlight or flash trigger have an “L” bracket hot shoe? If so, you will only be able to mount it to the end of a Tether Tools Rock Solid Accessory Extension Bar (30.RSEX8).

The L prevents is from sliding all the way across the channel. The RapidMount Cold Shoe Extension Bar Kit gives you the means to mount any cold shoe mount with an L stopper, anywhere on a Rock Solid Accessory Extension Bar (30.RSEX8).

This kit includes:

  • RapidMount Cold Shoe Speedlight Mount – A cold shoe mount for speedlights to easily mount to any 1/4″ 20 male thread (arms, clamps, grips, etc).
  • Rock Solid Hot Shoe 1/4″-20 Adapter – The Rock Solid Hot Shoe to 1/4″-20 Male Post Adapter has a threaded 1/4″-20 stud on the top and a cold flash shoe on the bottom.The two locking discs ensure a secure fit.

Product Specifications:

  • Adjustable to fit virtually any speedlight
  • Thumb tightening screw allows for secure fit
  • Flat bottom allows for mount to any 1/4″ 20 male thread
  • Compatible with female 1/4″-20 camera, video or audio accessories
  • Attaches to camera hot shoe, video rig, flash bracket or Extension Bar
  • Convert a hot or cold shoe to 1/4″-20 male post
  • Dual knurled locking thumb nuts for secure fit
  • Lightweight, durable, all aluminium construction
  • Non-reflective black finish
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