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The JerkStopper Catch™ prevents cables from accidentally falling off a desk or table when disconnected from a computer or other device. This handy cable catcher mounts to any desk, table, nightstand, or flat surface. It can be permanently affixed with an epoxy, bonding adhesive, or double sided tape or it can be temporarily anchored with the included VELCO® Brand fastener.

A cable attached to a JerkStopper Catch will simply retract to the JerkStopper when it is disconnected instead of disappearing inconveniently behind your desk or under a tripod.

Use the JerkStopper with any standard A/C power cord or cable with diameters from 3.5mm to 8.5mm.

The JerkStopper is a versatile and inexpensive tool that could potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in preventable damage.

The JerkStopper Catch is also available in a 3 Pack.

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