Profoto A1X Air TTL Fuji


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Available on back-order

The Profoto A1X Air studio light is just as useful on location as it is in the studio, thanks to its powerful output and portable build. Compared to its predecessor, this model features a faster recycling time of 1 second and a longer battery life, now offering 450 full powered shots per charge. The Profoto A1X Air weighs just 560 grams including a battery, so you can comfortably use it as a on-camera flash, making use of its TTL compatibility.

A notable feature of the Profoto A1X Air is the round 2.75″ head, which tilts and rotates. This head provides a soft even quality of light, with gradual fall-off. The head features auto-zoom between 32-105mm and 14-24mm using the included wide lens. The A1X features fast action stopping flash durations, as well as support for High-Speed Sync, which is great news for more advanced studio lighting users.

Other Key Features

  • LED Modelling Light
  • Built-in Air Remote
  • AF Assist
  • Large Hi-res LCD display
  • Compatibility with Profoto Air Remotes
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