Nanlite FS-200 twin 5600K Daylight LED monolights with stands


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Available on back-order

The FS-200 Twin kit from Nanlite is a pair of monolight style light fixtures with remarkable light output relative to their size.

FS-200 Twin Kit includes

Nanlite FS-200 × 2
Power cable 4.5M × 2
Nanlite Reflector × 2
Nanlite SB-RT-90×60 Softbox × 2
Nanlite LS-186 Light Stand × 2
Nanlite CN-T2 carrying case × 1
User manual × 1

The Nanlite FS-200 LED light uses the industry-standard Bowens light modifiers, making it easy to soften or focus the light, to provide a wide range of lighting effects. The ability to shape the light makes the FS-200 ideal for portraiture, product photography, and in-house video production.

How bright are they?

In our tests using a pair of FS-200’s in the Nanlite 60 x 90cm softbox, we were able to shoot a single person portrait with the following camera settings F8, 1/125s, ISO 1000. For a group portrait, where the lights further from the subjects, we were able to shoot a group of 4 standing side-by-side with the following camera settings F8, 1/125s, ISO 1250.


Without reflector:

With reflector:


Fixture Type: Monolight
Power Source: AC, 100-240V, no battery operation
Colour Temperature: Daylight
Battery Connection: No
Kit Style: Light Unit Only
Specific Color Temperature: 5600K
Cooling: Active Silent Fan
CRI: 98
TLCI: 97
Dimming: 0-100%
Mount: 5/8″ Receiver with a rotating yoke
Lightshaper Mount: Bowens S Style​
LED Total Power: 252W
Input Voltage/Current: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Beam Angle: 120°
Beam Angle Flood: 45 Degrees (Requires optional FL-20G Fresnel)
Beam Angle Spot: 10 Degrees (Requires optional FL-20G Fresnel)
Product Size(mm):
306×232×123mm  without protective cap but with yoke
271.5×156×123mm with protective cap and yoke
Weight: 2.48kg

What’s included?

1x NanLite FS-200 5600K LED Monolight
1x Nanlite 55 Degree Reflector
1x Nanlite 4.5m Australian Power Cord
Standard 5/8″ Receiver Mount yoke
NanLite 1 Year Limited Warranty

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