Jinbei HD-400 TTL Battery Flash

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Available on backorder

The HD400 is a fast shooting, compact, lightweight and powerful TTL/HSS Monobloc flash

The latest member of the Jinbei TTL family, the HD400 provides a lightweight and portable flash with enough power for portraiture in any location and is FULLY FEATURED, not a cut down model.  Including a Proportional LED modeling lamp.

Super fast shooting with 1 second recycle.  Super accurate colour.

Use as a single light, or combine with the Jinbei Mars3, the HD610, and the MSN TTL lights to make your own ideal flash kit, and use one trigger system to control them all.

Native Canon RT Control

Great news for Canon shooters! Jinbei have provided the worlds first Canon RT compatible monoloc flash system.  You can mix your MARS-3-RT with your Canon RT speedlights, and control them all with the Canon RT system.  You can use any Canon Compatible RT controller, such as the Canon STE3-RT, the Canon 600EX-RT Speedlight, the Jinbei CRF600TTL Speedlight, or the Jinbei TRQ6C-RT trigger. 

For Nikon, Sony, and Fuji shooters

Add a TRQ6 bluetooth trigger and you can remotely control the Mars3 and other compatibble Jinbei lights from the camera, or from the Jinbei App for Apple and Android, ideal for mutiple light setups.


At just 2.15kg The HD400 weighs 30% less than the HD610 or simular.  It includes a newly designed HARD reflector that acts as a protection cap, and also includes four magnetic filters in Red, Green Blue and Yellow.  These filters can also be used as holders for you own coloured gels.

The SMALL size of the HD400 makes it a great choice for portability and conveinience. It is much smaller than current 600ws battery heads.  

The light stand stand mount is an all metal construction, and doubles as a hand grip. Battery life is 380 shots on full power.

Jinbei include a hard case (optional on many other brands)  battery charger, 4 x Gels, standard reflector and battery.


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