JINBEI MARS 3 KIT includes Ultra small 250 watt TTL HSS we

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Available on backorder

The MARS-3 PRO RT Kit can leverage the wide range of Bowens mount light modifiers

  • Wide Compatibility
  • Ultimate Portability
  • Fast TTL shooting on location

Whereas the standard MARS-3 head uses the micro mount for weight minimisation and compact size, the MARS-3 Pro head uses the bowens mount, for maximum compatibility with a wide range of light modifiers.

Jinbei Mars 3 is the super portable camera flash system with HSS, TTL, and Canon RT control. Incredibly light weight with a head that only weighs 700 grams including the bcabble, and a base unit that weighs only 1700 grams.  Recycle of 0.3 – 1.3 seconds for fast shooting, 250 Watt output is only 1 stop less than a HD610. Freeze mode up to 1/19000th of a second, and a frame rate that offers up to 20 Frames per second. Includes a 10 watt LED modeling lamp. TTL compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fuji. The Mars offers industry best features and far out performs a speedlight in both power output and light quality.

Native Canon RT Control

Great news for Canon shooters! Jinbei have provided the worlds first Canon RT compatible monoloc flash system.  You can mix your MARS-3-RT with your Canon RT speedlights, and control them all with the Canon RT system.  You can use any Canon Compatible RT controller, such as the Canon STE3-RT, the Canon 600EX-RT Speedlight, the Jinbei CRF600TTL Speedlight, or the Jinbei TRQ6C-RT trigger. 

For Nikon, Sony, and Fuji shooters

Add a TRQ6 bluetooth trigger and you can remotely control the Mars3 and other compatibble Jinbei lights from the camera, or from the Jinbei App for Apple and Android, ideal for mutiple light setups.

The MARS-3 is a great upgrade towards creative lighting for your DSLR system at a sensational price. Unlike a speedlight, the MARS-3 kit includes a 300 shot lithium polymer battery.  


Included in the kit:

1 x Pro head (Bowens mount)
1 x RT compatible Battery base unit
1 x Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Shoulder Bag Case
1 x Carry strap

Note, videos below show the standard Mars3 with micro mount head, not the Pro head with bowens mount, but all functions are the same.