Jinbei Quick 30×140 Umbrella Soft Box Bowens S type

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Jinbei Quick Fold 30 x 140 Umbrella Soft Box Bowens S type

Have you ever tried to set up a conventional 30 x 140 studio flash soft box before? Let's be honest, it's a total pain in the neck! Jinbei's new K series, quick folding, Bowens S mount soft boxes are the answer thanks to the literally 5 second set up. The 30 x 140 shape is used for a specific strip type lighting effect. It provides excellent side lighting or rim lighting or it can be used from above to create a bank lighting look.

The professional grade softbox is made with high quality reflective material and diffusers. The interior is made of prograde omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with durable black backing. There is also an internal baffle for extra diffusion. A grid can be purchased separately to add an extra dimension to the look you can acheive with this soft box. The Jinbei K Series of quick fold soft boxes comes in a range of sizes and shapes for various lighting scenarios. 

Jinbei make a huge range of professional lighting and light modifying products for the enthusiast and professional photographer.


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