LED Light CUBE Twin

$1,375.00 inc GST

  • 2 x LED Light Cube
  • 2 x LED Light Cube Li-PO Batteries
  • 2 x LED Light Charger
  • 2 x LED Light Cube Interlocking Spigot
  • 2 x Cube-in-Cube-out Cable
  • 2 x LED Hotshoe Stand
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • Portable LED lighting 
  • 5,000 lumens of light output / running time 45minutes
  • Continuous High speed flashing at full power
  • Battery internally fitted
  • High Capacity – over 800 flashes @ 1/60th of a second duration from a single battery charge at full power
  • Over 150 Watts / 5,000 Lumens of light output
  • Ultimate portable lighting kit – Sold as individual or set of 4 lights
  • Stackable. Build versatile light banks
  • Stable colour temperature. Consistent colour temp as power levels are adjusted
  • Use as a video light. – (Duration to be determined. Estimated 45min from battery charge)
  • Master control. Set the lighting condition of a single unit in array mode and all others will match the settings.
  • Modelling light feature.
  • Trigger remotely via sync cable, wireless trigger or as light sensitive slave
  • Adjustable flash speed. Adjust the flash speed of the unit to shoot at faster or slower durations. 8000MS – 1 Sec
  • Noiseless operation – no internal fan, no added noise on film production
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