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  • Colour rendering of CRI95+
  • Can be powered by AA or Sony Lith.
  • Metal ball head swivel mount
  • Adjustable brightness control
  • 60 degree LED's
  • 3200K-5500K adjustable colour temp

Aputure Amaran AL-H198C LED

Aputure is pleased to announce our new video led light, the Amaran AL-H198 and AL-H198C. They feature CRI95+ and illuminating power of up to 3,430lux. We believe the Amaran H198 will lead photographers and videographers alike into the small CRI95+ led light age.


The Amaran H198 Series is more outstanding than previous version such as the AL-198 and AL-H160. It uses 198 CRI95+ leds and a metal universal ¼” to 3/8” hot shoe mount with a swiveling ball head. It also comes with a case to give artists a portable, yet powerful solution to their lighting needs.



  1. CRI 95+, almost perfect color accuracy
  2. Compact with 198 LEDs, powerful brightness
  3. Frameless and 60°beam angle design provides a wide illumination
  4. Lightweight, portable and compact
  5. Expandable up to 9 LED panels
  6. Multiple battery options
  7. 16:9 widescreen design
  8. A faithful case in included
  9. Solid metal universal ¼” hot shoe mount
  10. Battery power display
  11. Stepless brightness control
  12. Color temperature adjustable (AL-H198C)




   ModelSpeciation AL-H198 AL-198C
Operation Current ≤2.3A ≤1A
Power ≤20W ≤10W
Beam Angle 60° 60°
CRI ≥95Ra ≥95Ra
Color Temperature 5500K 5500-3200K
Power Supply DC 5.5V-9,5V
Average Life Span ≥100000 hours
Cooling Mode Natural Ventilation
Volume(L*W*H mm) 151*56*100
Net weight 325g





Model    Distance Foot candles    Lux
AL-H198 0.5M 318 3430
1M 85 920
2M 22 240
AL-H198C (beads:5500K, 60°) 0.5M 165 1780
1M 40 435
2M 11 115
AL-H198C (beads:3200K, 60°) 0.5M 156 1690
1M 39 420
2M 10 110
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