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The Amaran LED Series was designed with one goal: to craft the ultimate portable, high-quality LED light.
The new flagship product, the Amaran Tri-8, is the brightest, most compact Amaran light ever created.



Brilliant Illuminating Power
The Amaran Flagship

The Amaran Tri-8 packs unprecedented power in an incredibly tiny amount of space. It packs
888 high-CRI (95+) LED lights into an 11.5-inch panel. The high LED count means the Tri-8s is
capable of outputting 240000 lux @ 0.5m, which is equivalent to a 600w


Beyond Bi-Colour

The Amaran Tri-8 completely reinvents the idea of colour temperature versatility. The Tri-8s has a
colour temperature of 5500K, making it perfect for daylight lighting. The Tri-8c goes beyond
traditional bi-colour lighting systems, boasting an incredibly wide range of 2300-6800K, allowing
you to light any scene imaginable.


Unique Lamp Beads Array

The Amaran Tri-8’s tight honeycomb arrangement of the LED bulbs allows you to get
rid of patterned shadows for the perfect shot.


tri8_heat.jpgHeat Dissipation
Top Class Thermal Management

The Amaran Tri-8 has an expertly designed thermal management system. With gold lamp beads on the inside, a custom aluminum plate, and the external     increase of the flow-type cooling fins, the cooling  effects are maximized across the unit.









High-Quality Craftsmanship
Rock-Solid Metal Build

The Amaran Tri-8 is virtually indestructible. With an aircraft-grade aluminum body and slim
design, it allows for efficient heat airflow while maintaining a highly durable structure. To further
enforce its durability, the LED bulbs are covered by an impact-proof polycarbonate casing.



More Portable Than Ever

The Amaran Tri-8 ensures a portable lighting experience like no other. The stainless steel handles
in the back allow you to position the light either vertically or horizontally. It can be used as a
stand in rough terrain, or you can take it on the go for fast paced run-and-gun shoots.


Multiple Charging Methods

The Amaran Tri-8 provides multiple charging options: you can use an AC-DC adapter, a Sony
F/FM/QM series battery charger, or you can replace the adapter plate altogether and install a V-mount.



EZ Box Included


The Amaran Tri-8 comes with a perfectly fitted EZ Box
in order to maximize your light-shaping capabilities.
The EZ Box Softbox Kit prevents light spills, enhances
contrast, and provides high quality diffusion.


150M Wireless Groups Control

Using 2.4G FSK technology, the Amaran Tri-8 can be adjusted in brightness and color
temperature wirelessly by using a remote control from up to 150 meters away. The multiple frequency channels and groups ensure that several different lights can be controlled without interference or confusion.

* The remote is interchangeable with Light Storm series and HR 672 series.

Included in the Tri-8 SSC Kit:

  • Tri-8s LED Light x 2
  • Tri-8c LED Light x 1
  • Diffuser x 4
  • D-tap to D-tap x 3
  • Power cable x 3
  • AC adapter x 3
  • Battery baseplate x 3
  • Battery mount for V-mount x 3
  • F970 battery x x 6
  • Button battery x 3
  • VA-Remote x 3
  • Hexagon wrench x 3
  • Support column x 12
  • Screws(KM3*18mm) x 12
  • Screws(KM3*21mm) for v-mount x 12
  • Super fiber shim x 3
  • Carry bag x 1
  • Bracket x 12
  • Softbox x 3
  • Adapter x 3
  • Diffuser cloth x 3
  • 12m Warranty card
  • Product manual

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