Epson BT-35E Moverio Smart Glasses

$1,199.00 inc GST

With the Epson Moverio BT-35E, users can focus on the task at hand with these hands-free Si-OLED-powered binocular see-through smart glasses that can deliver a range of content at low latency from a range of devices using HDMI or USB-C connectivity. These durable and comfortable smart glasses are designed to be worn by a range of users or visitors.


Designed for user hardware and heavy usage

Instead of utilising its own controller running Android, this model features an interface box allowing for other devices to be connected via HDMI or USB-C for low latency. The design and wearability is key, and the BT-35E is designed with commercial applications in mind. Its durable build and features designed for comfort mean it can be repeatedly worn by lots of users, fitting comfortably for long periods of time, no matter their head shape and size, or if they wear glasses.

High contrast for true AR
With the BT-35E, unused display space appears truly transparent thanks to our Si-OLED micro display technology and its high contrast ratio of 100,000:1. This means augmented content can be immersively overlaid onto the real world.

Amazing image quality and performance
720p HD display and high brightness ensure a crisp image and vivid colours. The smart glasses can also deliver 3D content.

Easy management and operation
The BT-35E can be used both outdoors and indoors thanks to the flip-up shade. Two years' warranty and additional warranty are available on purchase via our Cover+ packs.

Key Features

– Eyes on the task at hand: Keep focussed on your activity through the power of AR
– ​Durable and flexible design: Designed to be worn easily by a wide range of users
– HDMI and USB-C connectivity: Deliver a low-latency experience
– Amazing image quality: HD display (720p) & high brightness ensure a crisp image and vivid colours
– Ideal for commercial applications: Such as healthcare, engineering, commercial drone piloting and more


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