F-Stop Sukha backpack

F-Stop Sukha backpack With 70 liters of internal storage and a plethora of outside expansion capabilities, the Sukha is the ultimate multi-day photo backpack. Designed with the long lens shooter in mind, the Sukha can safely carry most super-telephoto lenses when combined with the Master Tele ICU.   YKK® Aquaguard® zippers Trash stash / raincover […]

F-Stop Shinn Backpack

F-Stop Shinn Backpack Specifically designed to haul large camera setups, the 80L Shinn is the largest camera bag we’ve ever created. Co-developed with a specialized dual access ICU, the Shinn’s full size suspension system and all-weather shell combines for a package fully capable of long adventures deep into the backcountry. 1. YKK® Aquaguard® zippers 2. […]

F-Stop Tilopa Backpack

F-Stop Tilopa Backpack The new Tilopa remains the marquee all-rounder of the Mountain Series, now packing 50L of volume without a physical size difference from its predecessor. Built for the backcountry, the Tilopa is equipped with all the necessary attachment points and dedicated compartments to accommodate an assortment of avalanche gear, skis, and poles. A new Oxford-weave ripstop […]

Ice Light 2 now at Team Digital

Ice Light 2 now at Team Digital The Output You asked for even more power and we delivered. Thanks to a new-patented technology, the Ice Light 2 is 50% brighter while still offering the same compact surface area. No need to sacrifice portability for output, the Ice Light 2 offers you both. The Quality Ice Light 2 […]

World Photo Book Day 2015

World Photo Book Day is October 14th. This date marks the anniversary of the purchase by the British Museum of the first known photobook: Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions, by Anna Atkins. This first copy now resides in the British Library. We’d love everyone to celebrate it and join this global event by organising […]

F-Stop Kashmir Backpack

F-Stop Kashmir Backpack Kashmir is a first of its kind, ultralight, backcountry-bred adventure camera pack designed specifically for a woman’s frame. From f-stop, the leader in adventure photography packs, the Kashmir features specially designed shoulder straps and a shorter frame. The Kashmir Ultralight daypack is the camera industry’s first product to acknowledge the huge contribution women make to […]

F-Stop Lotus Backpack

F-Stop Lotus Backpack The new Lotus, part of f-stop’s reinvented Mountain Series, is the narrow and nimble everyday mountain pack. With 32L of volume, the low-profile Lotus blends just as well in urban settings as it does in the mountains. Lotus’s lightweight harness system provides comfort without adding unnecessary weight. It also features carefully angled MOLLE attachment […]

F-Stop Ajna backpack

F-Stop Ajna backpack The new Ajna, part of f-stop’s reinvented Mountain Series, is the everyday mountain pack. With 40L of volume, the low-profile Ajna is the spiritual successor to the Loka, a proven favorite of customers and our Staff Pro team. Ajna’s lightweight harness system provides comfort without adding unnecessary weight. It also features carefully angled MOLLE attachment […]

Turnkey Timelapse Rental

Turnkey Time-Lapse Rental If you know how use a calendar then you can program the system. Allowing for a totally variable shooting program. And most importantly this can be changed remotely if need be. It’s not only about making the system easy to use, it’s also about the quality of the images. This system has […]

Firmware Updates on Quattro dp2 and dp3

Sigma Corporation have announced that new firmware of SIGMA dp2 Quattro and SIGMA dp3 Quattro are available for download. Benefits of the firmware update; SIGMA dp2 Quattro firmware [Ver.1.07] ・It has improved the AF accuracy. ・It has corrected the phenomenon that the camera may freeze very occasionally, when AF and MF modes are used one after […]