Announcing the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

It’s here: Canon’s new EOS 5D Mark IV To celebrate Team Digital and Canon Australia are putting on a special presentation plus a shoot session with the new arrival. On Saturday the 3rd September come in and see a special presentation from some of WA’s best professional photographers. Afterwards you can take the camera for […]

New Zealand Photography Tour

Our good friend Seng Mah is running another New Zealand Photographic adventure tour in 2017. Looks like great fun heres some details: We’re returning to New Zealand in 2017 with a completely new itinerary, and we would like you to join us on this exclusive small-group photography tour! A land of soaring mountains, deep blue […]

Magmod Magbeam have arrived

The Magbeam are now available at Team Digital We’ve been selling the Magmod flash accessories for sometime and we love them. They are simply the best flash attachments on the market. Now they have just released their new series of accessories: the MAGBEAM. MagBeam by MagMod is a new fresnel-lens modifier that gives you increased […]

Sigma Quattro sd review

Sigma Quattro sd review What did we learn about Sigma’s latest Quattro after spending a couple of weeks with the sd? Firstly, we’d like to clarify this review is done from a Quattro-lover’s point of view. Yes, we realise it doesn’t have video, it’s not as fast to auto-focus as some cameras on the market, […]

Pentax 645Z Second Hand

Anyone up for some second hand medium format. We’ve just had the mother lode of Pentax 645z arrive. Its will quarantined until the end of August, you can view and reserve any of the equipment you just can’t collect until then. All in great condition still in boxes with all accessories. 1/ Pentax 645Z body […]

Tenba bags now @ Team Digital

Team Digital is now stocking the range of Tenba bags. Let’s look at the Tenba Cooper series first. I have a problem with describing a bag as sexy, but that’s what I’m told these bags are. An unobtrusive photojournalist styled bag with luxury materials. Premium features include peach-cotton wax canvas, full grain leather accents, brushed […]

Splat Flexible Tripod @ Team Digital

Splat! It sounds like something that might hit your windscreen, but it’s actually one of the handiest little gadgets on the market. We had a chance to play with the Splat a couple of weeks ago and we loved it. The Splat is a flexible tripod that adjusts to any surface and can hold compact […]

Nikon Cashback at Team Digital

Save with the Nikon Cashback at Team Digital. If you are after a new pro lens, then you could save up to $300 through Nikon Cashback. AF-S 70-200mm f/4G ED VR    $100     1st Aug – 31st Aug AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR    $150    1st Aug – 31st Aug AF-S 35mm f/1.4G   […]

Meet the new Nikon 105mm F1.4 ED

Meet the new Nikon 105mm F1.4 , the fastest 105mm on the market. Could this be the perfect portrait lens ? “Through NIKKOR design technology, for the first time ever we’ve been able to produce a lens with a focal length of 105mm and a maximum aperture of f/1.4 that offers photographers mesmerizing portraiture capabilities […]

Team Digital has a refurb Epson Pro 7900 for sale

Team Digital has a refurb Epson Pro 7900 for sale, Great opportunity to pick up a 24” printer and start doing some super large prints. The unit comes with a new head with 12 month warranty on it, and bundle of ink. The Epson Pro 7900 is 24’’ 61cm Photographic printer that allows you to […]