Workflow Plus Session with James Simmons

It’s called Workflow Plus because James will be covering far more than just his workflow. He will also be talking about: Authenticity in art and business Genuine connection Personal work and the commercial cross over There’s also a shoot-to-print session with the Pentax 645Z and some new great lighting which will be loads of fun, […]

Elinchrom High-speed Sync Workshop

Elinchrom High-speed Sync Workshop Let Elinchrom and Team Digital show you how to achieve these type of results using high-speed sync with your Elinchrom. You can shoot in full daylight and achieve some amazing results.   On the day we’ll go through the theory behind High-speed Sync and show you the different triggers and heads […]

Magmod MagBeam arrives in June

The Magmod MagBeam is a revolutionary new fresnel-lens modifier that gives you concentrated brighter light, a killer beam pattern, and projection masks (gobos/cookies) that turn your flash into a pattern-projecting-thing-of-wonder. The MagBeam brings you ninja-style light shaping in a fast, easy, and simple package. It comes with a Telephoto lens for a laser-like precision beam with 2 to 3 effective […]

Portfolio Builder Studio Flash workshop

This is a unique opportunity to learn from some of our industries best. This portfolio builder studio flash workshop is designed for photographers who are looking to shoot models and learn under some creative direction without the huge expense of hiring agency models, organising complicated shoots, hair and make-up, purchasing or hiring lighting, and finding […]

Nikon Cash backs at Team Digital

Save with the Nikon Cash backs at Team Digital. If you are after a new pro lens, then you could save up to $300 through Nikon Cash back. AF-S 70-200mm f/4G ED VR    $100     1st May – 31st May AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR    $150    1st May – 31st May […]

Canson Archival Boxes @ Team

Canson Archival Boxes We are very excited about being able offer a true archival storage solution for your precious prints.  Soon to be available at Team Digital in A4 and A3+ sizes Canson Archival Boxes are specifically designed for the archiving and conservation of your photographs and documents. Made from our selected Archival board which […]

MagMod at Team Digital

Arrived MagMod at Team Digital. Weve been using this system for the past month and we can confidently say it is the best Speedlite modifier system on the market. Lets meet the Magmod family Firstly the Magmod MagGrip the mounting system, The MagGrip’s universal design attaches to almost any hotshoe flash ever made, making it […]

Kata Bag Clearance

Kata Bag Clearance Sale   Team Digital needs to make room for some new bags, so all our Kata bags must be cleared. Nimble 3 shoulder bag – $39 3-n-1 Sling backpack – $65 Revolver 8 backpack – $120 Reporter IT 20 shoulder bag – $120 Access 16 Pro snoot bag – $85 Pro Light […]

BOOM Kupo 546 Junior Boom

BOOM the new Kupo 546 Junior Boom just arrived at Team Digital. We’re not sure where the junior bit comes into it. Its huge, its stable and if you want 5m high stand it does that as well. The Kupo 546M Junior Boom Stand is a versatile heavy duty light stand which reaches to 510cm, and also […]

The Nature Collective Exhibition

The Nature Collective Exhibition There are some huge events coming up in May, none bigger than our next exhibition: the “Nature Collective”. We’ve invited some of the best nature photographers in the WA to exhibit in the Epson Print Gallery. This promises to be a wonderfully diverse range of wildlife photography images from some of […]