Epson R-3000 free prints 9

Weve just confirmed that the New Epson Stylus Photo R-3000 printer has arrived at Team Digital.

And to celebrate Team Digital is offering, for the first 50 people wanting to get a print out of the new beast a free A3 print. So start working on those images, remember one per customer.

We will start working on a full review as soon as the R-3000 arrives it promises to shake up the A3 Photo printer market.

Get in early for your free print.


  1. I wouldn’t mind a free print! How much will the printer be going for? I’m due for a new one!


    1. Hi Ryan we are selling them for $ 1289.00 inc gst
      and they are in stock. We tested the wireless printer yesterday and it works a treat. Let me know if you want one put aside.

      Team Digital
  2. I too would love a free print and one of these printers as my trusty old 1290 just died this morning. Can you confirm the availability and price and if Epson are doing an extended warranty deal on this printer (seen elsewhere on the web) Many thanks Bill Kaye.

    1. Hi Bill thanks for the post, yes I can confirm that the R3000 comes with a extended warranty. And yes we do have some left in stock and the cost is $ 1289.00
      which includes a one day printer workshop for free. Let me know if you want one put aside.

      Team Digital
  3. Thanks guys, yes I would like one put aside for me. I will phone with details later. Thanks Bill

    1. Hi Bill thanks for the order your name is on one of R3000 give us a ring with your details.

      Team Digital
  4. Hi
    After reading some reviews of this printer I’d certainly be interested in have a look. Do you have some in stock? I’d be interested in having a free print too. When’s a good time to come in?

    Jennifer Sumpton
    1. Yes we do have a few in stock. You can in anytime for a demo. Give me a ring and let know when you are coming in and Ill make sure Im here. Ben

      Team Digital
  5. I bought the Epson R3000 a couple of days ago from Team Digital and it is awesome!! And so was the service. Ben Walton was our sales person and he was both very knowledgeable and very efficient, getting our preferred paper profile to us within 24 hours.

    The printer just worked like a charm straight out of the box, even with the wireless networking, which was a breeze to set up on the iMac.

    One thing I will say is that if you have an older iMac (mine is from 2008) it is hard to calibrate your monitor to the printer as the monitor is oversaturated and over bright. Either buy an Eizo monitor or you will have to trial and error saturation and curves to get the result you want.

    Tracy Leigh

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