Video Lighting LED144 and LED312 1

Team Digital have introduced a low-cost portable LED lighting solution. They come in two sizes LED144 (13.5 x 8.5cm) and LED312 (19 x 11.5cm), battery-powered, lightweight and compact, perfect for Video or Still photography. They come with a convenient hotshoe mount and carry case which includes the batteries chargers etc. Our video guy has tested the smaller of the two units and he got a huge 4 hours of use at full power out of one battery, not bad.

The LED also have a colour blender, which means you can dial in any colour temperature from 3200K to 5600K. A great feature if you are dealing with mixed lighting situations or you just want to warm up a scene slightly. They also have a dimmer that allows us to control the amount of light from 10% to 100%. And if that not enough the units also come complete with diffuser’s.

Output wise the LED312 pumps out a flicker free 6850 Lux at 50cm, and LED144 2354 Lux at 50cm. The beam angle is about 60 degree.

Come in a check out the range.

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  1. Hey guys, some people do NOT live in Perth , this great state of ours is HUGE!!!!! Dont forget that!!!!!
    Put the prices on the internet, not cheap for your best buddies and dearer for bozo’s, be competititve for everyone, put the price out there, or else looks like you have something to hide. Cheers LM.

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